Abstract Submission for Physicians
Abstract Submission for Nurses
Terms and Conditions

Papers will be presented in oral or poster form in NLHC 2020 - National Lung Health Congress. Papers sent from abroad can be submitted in Turkish or English and abstracts should be in Turkish or English.

When submitting the paper, the authors' choice of presentation (verbal or printed poster) and which sub-area of the lung health specialty should be stated should be stated. The Proceeding Committee has the right to accept or reject the paper according to the content of the study and the number of applications, and to change the format and subspecialty of the presentation if it accepts it.

Case reports will NOT be accepted as verbal presentations.

The conditions for accepting the submitted papers as presentations are as follows:

  • Abstracts for the congress will be accepted only through the online system on this website. Abstracts sent by e-mail or mail will NOT be accepted.
  • Submissions of nursing papers must be uploaded via a separate online system on this page. Nursing notifications sent over the physician submission system will not be evaluated.
  • You should fill in all fields required in the abstract form. Especially after submitting your abstract, please make sure to enter your E-MAIL address correctly so that you can access the passwords required for editing. Communication with authors, including acceptance letters, will be conducted through this channel.
  • The study should NOT be presented before at any national meeting. It should NOT be published in a national / international journal.
  • The space reserved for writing papers in the system is limited to 300 words excluding title and author name.
  • The title of the paper should not exceed 12 words and should fully reflect the content of the study.
  • Name, surname, title, institution and city of the authors should be clearly indicated with the title. However, there should not be any sentence in the abstract to introduce the institution or researchers. Expressions translated into Turkish should be preferred.
  • If the author, who is the first name in the manuscript and submits the manuscript, has left the institution he / she has completed by doing the work, he / she should indicate the institution he / she has been working as the institution and the new institution as the correspondence address.
  • If you send more than one abstract, you must send these abstracts under the same account.
  • The typeface used for sending papers is standardized by the system for all papers and it is not possible to use different characters. Pay attention to this so that your abstract is not incomplete and does not register incorrectly.
  • The papers presented at the congress will be evaluated separately for the awards to be determined. The studies that are required to be evaluated for the paper awards (candidates for the awards) MUST be specified.
  • Studies receiving any project support or other research support should be specified.
  • Disclosure if the researchers have any financial connection. Otherwise, this should be stated.
  • Abstracts should include the following sections as standard, and the contents of each section should be written in the online abstract registration page.
  • The author, who will present the paper in poster presentations, should be at the beginning of the paper at the specified day and time and should present the paper and discuss it by presenting the paper to the paper evaluation committee.
  • Ethical committee approvals and compliance with the laws of our country will be required in clinical trials.


  • Entry-Purpose
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion-Results


  • Entry-Purpose
  • Phenomenon
  • Discussion-Results

Sections should take place.

  • In case reports, the aim should be to share our experiences and raise awareness about rare and rare cases. Abstracts that do not serve this purpose and do not conform to the structured format will not be accepted.
  • Papers that are still in progress and whose results have not been received yet and which do not include the abovementioned sections will NEVER be considered.
  • Acceptance of papers is made as a result of referee evaluations.
  • In order for the accepted papers to be published in the congress proceedings book; registration of the congressman must be completed and presented at the congress. Otherwise, the papers not presented in the proceedings will be removed.
  • In case presentations, abstracts containing only full information about the patient, which are thought to contribute to the literature, which may affect patient management, will be accepted and presented as BUT POSTER. Poster presentations should include visual information as much as possible.


  • Our congress participants, who will make oral presentations at the congress, should deliver their presentations to the control room at least one day before the presentation days specified in the program. Presentations must be prepared with Microsoft Office 2000 or higher software. All kinds of technical equipment (slides, projectors, computers, video etc.) will be available in the meeting rooms. For oral presentations, the duration (presentation and discussion) for each presentation is 10 minutes. This period must NOT be exceeded. Visual (picture or video) and auditory material can be used during oral presentation.
  • Printed posters should be prepared in dimensions of 50 X 70 cm and the font size should be planned to be read from 1.5 meters. Poster authors will hang their posters on the day they are notified to the panel allocated for their posters in the space allocated for the Poster Discussion session and then remove them again. Necessary materials for poster hanging will be available in the poster area.

In case of acceptance, the author or the first author MUST submit the congress registration.