Come on, all together ... Let’s go to NLHC 2020 Congress…

Dear Colleagues,

National Lung Health Congress (NLHC) with the international participation which was organized by Lung Health and Intensive Care Society (LHICS) will be held on 11 - 14 March 2020 at the Belek Sueno Deluxe Congress Center in Antalya, Turkey.

Again, we consider that we will hold a congress that you will like very much. From now on, please take note on your calendars as “I am at NLHC on 11-14 March 2020”. Send your request to your hospital management and sponsor company. You can start to prepare your presentations and posters.

We welcome not only your requests and preferences regarding the scientific program, but also any comments and suggestions about the organization. We expect our academicians, experts, assistants, industry representatives, companions, and all our stakeholders to the kitchen and bench.

While determining our congress topics, we will again take as basis the needs of our assistants and experts working in the field, while managing their patients in outpatient clinics and wards. We will discuss about innovations in diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of our patients. We will not only share our knowledge, but also our experiences and skills. You will be able to follow different names and different perspectives.

Once more, this congress will be very friendly and warm that you will feel yourself as a host, not a guest.

We will present all issues related to lung health in different session formats. We will prepare various sessions from recent studies, recently published guides, and simulation centers to case councils and practical training. We will enrich the pre-congress courses with practical trainings.

Our congress is planned as an international congress in accordance with the applications of academic encouragement and associate professorship.

On 11 - 14 March 2020; we invite you to NLHC 2020 congress and offer our respects.

Muzaffer METİN,
NLHC 2020 Congress President

NLHC 2020 Congress Scientific Committee Chair

Mehmet BAYRAM,
NLHC 2020 Congress Secretary

LHICS President