SUBJECT AND PURPOSE OF THE PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION : The subject of the photography contest to be held within the scope of NLHC 2020 Congress was determined as “Those Moments in Medicine”.

COMPETITION SECTIONS : The competition is a single category ”Digital Color Photography.


  • The competition is open to all photographers with the participation of amateur and professional congresses except the Congress Board, Organizing Committee Members, Selection Committee Members and first degree relatives. However, if the regulatory board determines that any application is contrary to the rules, it has the authority to reject the application.
  • Photographs will be submitted to the Organizing Committee via e-mail ( which includes the name and surname, the institution, telephone and e-mail information. If necessary, the original work will be requested.
  • Shoots must be in JPEG format, without margins and without frames. Name, signature, logo, date and so on. information. In photographs, simple interventions such as contrast, color adjustment, sharpness and light adjustments, screening, cleaning are allowed. HDR and manipulation photos will not be accepted.
  • The competitor accepts that the photographs he / she has participated in have taken by himself and that the necessary permissions have been obtained. The awards, titles and all kinds of gains obtained by the award winning photographers who are understood to act outside of these declarations and acceptances are withdrawn; a violation of the rules is applied to the participant. Prize place is left empty. This does not give the other participants an extra right. If the prize has been awarded, the participant must return the prize.
  • It is accepted that the people who may appear in the photos submitted to the contest allow their photo to be taken and sent to a contest and that the photograph is published on the internet and in printed media. The contestant is responsible for all disputes arising from such uses.
  • All the works sent to the competition can be used in all kinds of promotional materials to be prepared within the scope of NLHC 2020 and the name of the photographer can be clearly indicated on the internet. The right of use shall belong to the photographer together with NLHC 2020.
  • All responsibility of the photographs submitted to the photo contest belongs to the participant. No liability can be imposed on the Organizing Committee for any legal disputes and criminal sanctions that may arise.
  • The award winning works will be published on UASK 2020 website and NLHC 2020 social media accounts.
  • Every participant in the photography contest is deemed to have accepted these conditions.

Delivery of Photos : The photos will be delivered to until 02 March 2020, Monday at 23:00. Photos sent later than this time will not be considered.
Announcement of the Results : After the photo show to be held on Saturday, March 14, 2020, the photos will be announced and the award ceremony will be held.

PARTICIPATION FEE : Participation is free of charge..


First Prize: 2.000 TL
Second Prize: 1.000 TL
Third Prize: 500 TL